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Top 10 Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Working differently from gas-powered push lawn mowers, self-propelled mowers generate enough power to mow and propel throughout your yard. This type of equipment is best for those who have reduced mobility, and for properties with uneven or hilly lawns. All you need is tug behind and there you go.

But with all the models available, you may sometimes find it hard to choose. With this in mind, we can offer some suggestions specifically fit for your lawn cutting requirements.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

10. Swisher WBRC11524 Predator

The 2015 Swisher Predator has been upgraded and it’s now not just your usual gardening equipment. It can now mow through the toughest landscapes and can clear woodland paths, ditches and large fields. As it is now a specialized mowing tool, small lawns are just a walk in the park and tough undergrowth are about to become a thing of the past.

Safety features include a blade protector and protection from debris that usually flies off during mowing operation. This unit’s powerful engine will provide you with the thrill you always asked for while its handle bar offers you maximum control while this mighty machine is in motion.

9. Troy-Bilt TB330 

The self-propelled Troy-Bilt RWD lawnmower uses an easy-starting, powerful163cc OHV 725ex Briggs & Stratton engine. The ReadyStart technology proves helpful in times when you want to speed up things while on the job and gone are the days when you have to pull start several times to get the engine to work. It has a robust built-in 21” steel deck equipped with a dual-lever height adjustment and a variable speed front wheel drive transmission.

It is capable of side discharge, rear bagging, and mulching and fitted with a bushel bag with a capacity of 1.9 kgs. This unit has 8” x 8” high performance wheels with an adjustable ergonomic handle for additional user convenience.

8. Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mower HU725AWD/BBC

The Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mower HU725AWD/BBC makes you negotiate soggy pitches, uneven turf, and steep climbs. This self-propelled unit features excellent maneuver with its all-wheel drive technology that simultaneously powering all 4 wheels as it allows limitless trudging across different types of terrains.

What makes it different from the other brands is its Blade Brake Clutch (BBC). This allows for disabling the blades briefly through disengaging the clutch to enable debris removal or emptying contents from the grass bag. Other features include the standard set of high-end specs like the 3-in-1 cutting system, dual bushel collection mechanism, dual handle speed controls and a 22” deck. This unit carries a 3-year limited warranty.

7. Honda HRX217HYA

The Honda HRX217VYA is reasonably on the top range of the best lawn mowers. While the price tag may seem on the higher range, machine’s real worth until starting it up or on different days you want to use it. You can start it without a fuss even on cold mornings and you never have to worry about restarting it again once you decide to pick up work the next day.

This large twin-blade model has a huge number of innovative features such as the intuitive Select Drive Control for comfortable speed control and the quality of the mulch blends seamlessly without even noticing it. It is convenient to use and simple to operate due to its tool-free characteristic. The cutting width is 21” and height can be adjusted down to 0.75”. Its rust-free designed engine is built to last for several years. Together with all these features, it carries a 5-year warranty.

6. Black and Decker SPCM1936

Among the most popular category comes this reliable Black and Decker model. It can cut through any type of lawn environment with ease and manages a 1/3 acre of lawn without recharging its charge-anywhere battery. Storage is not a problem as well as it can be folded up easily.

This eco-friendly electric mower is also quieter than its gas counterparts and boasts of no emissions. It has a 3-in-1 bag that allows for bagging, discharge, and mulching; and with high precision blades, homeowners would love to own it. Although it may encounter a few issues on some tough areas, it carries along with it a 2-year limited warranty.

5. Snapper SP80

The 21” Snapper Gas Mower is considered as the first ever manufactured self-propelled lawn mower from a company famous for its lawn care equipment. Being one of the finest in its category, this unit combines ultimate power with durability and high performance. This easy to start 163cc model is designed to tackle bumpy terrains and maneuvers excellently with its strategically inclined 8” front and 11” rear wheels.

The Snapper SP80 has an easy-grip handle and 6-variation height adjustments you can select from to achieve professional grass-cutting experience. This 78-lb petrol-propelled mower can bag, mulch, and discharge. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

4. Lawn Boy 17732 Carb-Compliant self-propelled-mower

The decent Lawn Boy is a fully CARB compliant gas engine model which is highly suitable for California landscapes. Its rear wheel drive feature adds extra control and traction to the mower, and eases the engine when driving on slopes. Another notable feature of this hardworking mower is its Tri-cut system which allows it to deliver superior quality cut.

This model has a larger than standard bag for excellent clipping, mulching. It has easy height adjustment and a well-constructed body and comes with a full 2-year warranty coupled with a 3-year Tru-Start warranty. This unit is also available in push mower and electric start options.

3. Husqvarna 7021P Lawn Mower

With superior Maneuverability and endowed with the power of an efficient Honda Engine, this model is good to use for small to medium yards. The Husqvarna 7021P is a complete lawn mowing package best for mulching, rear collection, and side discharge. It functions like the popular but smaller 5521P petrol mower and equipped with a larger engine block and wheel set.

This CARB-Compliant walk behind unit is equipped with the Honda 160cc GVC160 engine and features a 21” cutting deck and has 9-position height adjustment. It weighs approximately 66 lbs., and fitted with a foldable handle. This unit comes with a 2-year warranty.

2. Toro Personal Pace Timemaster

This model comes from a company renowned for high quality mowers. The Timemaster is on the top of the range of Toro equipment list with features you can’t find in lower end models. It is most appropriate to use in large lawns and for commercial use with its wide cutting width of 30”.

It is operated by a powerful Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine and with a personal pace system that adjusts speed to its user’s walking pace, it allows for more ease of use and perfect control. You can pay more for this model but with a requirement to cut through a larger lawn the price is more likely to provide you with great value.

1. Power Smart DB8605-22 Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

The Power Smart DB8605-22 model has a 4-Cycle heavy duty 196cc Loncin easy-to-start Engine and has a huge rear mounted easy release 15-gal grass container for grass collecting purpose. It features an ergonomic handle that compact enough that it folds down when during storage. This unit is capable of mulching, discharging, and bagging.

This mower has a wide 22” cutting deck with safety blade stopping mechanism. It has 8” front wheels and 10” wide rear wheels that make the mower easy to maneuver and creating stable turns. It has rear wheel steering functionality and equipped with 8 cutting heights that range from 1.25”- 3.25” tall.


We hope that you have made up your mind and have chosen the best for your lawn. Just think about quality and functionality for you to get the best out of your money.


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