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Lawn tractors have significantly improved the lives of many people. If you have a large lawn and are tired of pushing the mower for several hours on end, then it is time to invest in a high-quality tractor. With so many different styles available today, it can be overwhelming to find the right model for your mowing needs.

This article will present to you the top-rated lawn tractors, and valuable details about each machine, so you can finally enjoy your next mowing session.

Best Lawn Tractor 2017 - 2017

Best Lawn Tractors 2016

Tractor Model
User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
Husqvarna YTH24V48 24HP 48-Inch Highlights superior quality, easy maneuverability & compact design; features cutting height adjustment + ergonomically-designed steering wheel; features hydrostatic transition, variable reverse & forward speeds GoodMid-Range3.9 / 5
Snapper SPX2548 25HP (2014 Model), 48-Inch Proud to have easy maneuverability with tight 14˚ turning radius; cutting height quick adjuster & uses durable Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine with OHV technology; ideal for medium to large lawns with ergonomic seatVery GoodMid-Range4.4 / 5
Poulan Pro 960420171 PB22VA48 Briggs, 48-Inch Ready-start pedal with 48” cutting deck & powerful Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine; features auto transmission, pedal control, four gauge wheels & nose roller; reinforced decks, headlights, 15” high back seat + cast iron axels Very GoodMid-Range4.5 / 5
Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Fitted with gas-powered efficient 420-cc engine holding up 1.3 gallons gasoline max; suited for medium to large lawns; also features a 6-speed manual transmission system with reduced vibration; features 30” cutting deck that saves more time & effortVery GoodLow4.3 / 5
Poulan Pro 967330901 Uses 3.5-gallon 22 Hp Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Engine with wide 46” cutting deck + zero-turn radius; powerful & long-lasting - features two- and four-cycle engines; comes with high back seat, EZT hydrogear transmission & 11” front tires, 18” rear tires + electric clutch & digital hour meter Very GoodHigh4.6 / 5
Swisher ZTR2766BS Zero-Turn Lawn Mower This tractor boasts of large 66” deck with full 360˚ movement; has forward & backward capability; frame made of durable commercial-grade steel & features reliable Briggs & Stratton engine, Ogura clutch + hydrogear transmission Very GoodVery HIgh4.5 / 5
Poulan Pro P54ZX 967331001 Most appropriate for large lawns with plenty of obstacles; features powerful Briggs & Stratton V-Twin 24 Hp engine with a big fuel tank & quiet operation; 54” cutting deck size & made of reinforced steel; EZT hydro gear transmission ExcellentMid-Range4.7 / 5

Husqvarna YTH24V48 24HP 48-Inch

The Husqvarna brand is well-known for its superior quality, easy maneuverability, and compact size. If you are looking for a model that only needs minimal storage space, then this tractor could be your best bet. It features a cutting height adjustment that is mounted on the fender, as well as an ergonomically designed steering wheel. You will definitely find that this machine is comfortable and easy to operate.

In addition, you will get to enjoy this machine’s hydrostatic transition, and its variable reverse and forward speeds. The air-induction technology allows for improved airflow in the deck to ensure consistently clean cuts every time you use the equipment. You will also receive a wide range of towable accessories, as well as a mulch kit that lets you fertilize your lawn. Best of all, its sleek design looks pleasing to the eye, allowing you to mow in style and comfort and still have enough energy for other important tasks or events.

Snapper SPX2548 25HP (2014 Model), 48-Inch

The Snapper SPX 2548 has numerous impressive features to offer at an affordable price. This top-rated lawn tractor boasts of easy maneuverability, as well as a tight 14-degree turning radius. It also has a cutting height quick adjuster that lets you set it, according to your lawn mowing needs. This machine uses a Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine that is built to withstand the test of time, thanks to its OHV technology that ensures you a highly-durable machine.

This lawn tractor is perfect for medium to large lawns. You also get to mow at your own pace with the help of the Snapper’s hydrostatic transmission feature. The seat is ergonomically designed for added comfort, featuring a back support design to keep you going. Best of all, its quality construction allows for easy operation. Your mowing experience will significantly improve with this one, especially when you see how your grass is cut so fine.

Poulan Pro 960420171 PB22VA48 Briggs, 48-Inch

This Poulan Pro tractor is a top-pick mainly because of its professional-grade features. Its ready-start pedal features a 48-inch cutting deck, while being run by a powerful Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine. The Poulan brand is well-known for its reliability, meaning its pro line of tractors like the PB22VA48 will give you the best looking lawn across the neighborhood.

Other features that you will get to enjoy include the efficient pedal control with auto transmission, four gauge wheels and nose roller, reinforced decks, headlights, 15-inch high back seat, cast iron axels, and more. Best of all, this unit comes with 10-year warranty for the deck and belt to ensure that your lawn mowing experience lasts longer than expected. This is how confident the company is with its high quality products.

Troy-Bilt 30-Inch

The Troy-Bilt lawn tractor is one of the best models on the market today. It comes with a gas-powered 420-cc engine that operates efficiently, holding up to 1.3 gallons of gasoline. This tractor is best-suited for medium to large lawns as the engine is capable of producing variable speed, from 1.5 to 4.25 mph. The unit also features a six-speed manual transmission system that lets you work at your own pace.

The engine has integrated an overhead valve design that works to improve fuel-economy, while significantly reducing vibration. In addition, this tractor has a 30-inch cutting deck that allows you to make fewer passes, saving you more time and effort. Long and stubborn grass is now easier to handle, thanks to its 3-in-1 die cast aluminum blade. You will also enjoy its five different cutting height settings that enable you to achieve your desired grass cut. Best of all, the seat can pivot and is comfortable enough to reduce the strain on your body as you mow.

Poulan Pro 967330901

The Poulan Pro P46ZX uses a 22 Horsepower Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Engine for its 46-inch cutting deck with zero-turn radius. Poulan’s professional line is supported by decades of innovating, which started in 1944. This resulted in a powerful roster of lawn tractors, trimmers, tillers, chain saws, blowers, and snow throwers. Another factor why Poulan pro machines are powerful and long-lasting is because of its two- and four-cycle engines that come from the industry’s leading suppliers.

This Poulan Pro tractor features a zero-turn mowing technology that gives homeowners value for their money. With an affordable price tag and powerful features, it is no wonder why this model became a hit among consumers. Other features that you need to take note include the 46-inch deck with a 10-year warranty, high back seat, EZT hydrogear transmission, 11-inch front tires, 18-inch rear tires, 3.5-gallon fuel tank, electric clutch, and a digital hour meter.

Swisher ZTR2766BS Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

This Swisher Zero-Turn tractor boasts a large 66-inch deck, making it one of the biggest on the list. Featuring a full 360-degree movement, this mower has a forward and backward movement capability. Its frame is also made of commercial-grade steel, which means it can withstand the test of time.

Another great thing about this unit is that it features a dependable Briggs & Stratton engine, Ogura clutch, and a hydrogear transmission. Other add-on features include the hour meter, composite fenders, eight-gallon fuel tank capacity, ROPS standard, cup holder, and the front and rear hitch. The seat height is also adjustable for improved comfort, while every function is ergonomically placed around the rider for added efficiency. If you have a large lawn to mow, this one could be your best buddy.

Poulan Pro P54ZX 967331001

The Poulan Pro P54ZX is well-suited for homeowners with large lawns that have plenty of obstacles, thanks to its superior speed and maneuverability. This tractor features a powerful Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine that comes with a big fuel tank, 24 horsepower, and a quiet operation. If your yard has debris like tough grass and twigs, or has hills, then this tractor’s engine is powerful enough to muscle through these obstacles.

The cutting deck, on the other hand, houses the blades and measures the cutting width. With a deck size of 54 inches, this tractor also allows you to choose your cutting height, from 1.5 to 4 inches. Moreover, the deck is made of reinforced steel for improved durability. Its EZT hydro gear transmission allows it to smoothly navigate around obstacles, much quicker than other mowers. With so many features to enjoy, your investment will definitely be worth it.

Bottom Line

These are the top-rated lawn tractors today. They are tried-and-tested models that have consistently received positive customer reviews, mostly because of their efficiency, performance, and overall design. There are plenty of lawn mowers out there that you could consider, and it is always best to take time in familiarizing yourself with your options.

Lawn tractors are ideal for people with medium to large lawns. Paying for somebody to do the mowing job could cost you more money than owning a highly-reliable machine and doing the deed yourself. It will even give you a certain amount of pride.

Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills

If you are thinking of getting a new lawn mower that you can use to cut grass on the hilly side of your property, it is highly advised to know how a particular lawn mower works and the do’s and don’ts of the model. It is imperative to have knowledge on the operation to avoid accidents to happen, which is why we put together the riding lawn mower reviews guide below.

Of course, all lawn mowers have the same chore and that is to cut grass. The problem is there are so many models in the market and just looking at them will not provide you with a magic wand that can point to the best mower for your specific purpose. Adding the fact that some users say only expensive types can cut through hill grasses, you will really have a hard time selecting because there are some low-priced models that can do the task as well.

Nonetheless, we have some options for you to choose from; different models capable of negotiating various types of grounds, with different blade sizes and prices—but with only the same goal.

10. Husqvarna YTH24V48 24 HP Yard Tractor

This hardworking yard tractor has a 48” cutting width, operates with a 24HP Briggs and Stratton V-Twin engine and known for its excellent performance. It is equipped with a fast hydraulic pedal transmission, cruise control, and has an electric blade engagement. It has variable reverse and forward speeds and uses an air induction technology that enhances air flow within the deck so it guarantees consistent and clean cut all the time. Item requires one (1) 12V battery and price starts from $2,780.00.

9. Snapper 21″ Self Propelled Gas Mower

This one’s perfect to use from small to large-sized hilly or uneven lawns and low-priced at $375.08. It is a self-propelled, variable-speed FWD with high mower wheels. This quiet operator features a Briggs & Stratton 163cc 725exi series engine that provides more durability and low emissions. Just pull for power and no need for prime or choke and off you go. This mower is a no fuss system that never wants you to worry about changing oil and has a 3-in-1 mower deck for cut finish selection.

8. Yard Machines 420cc 42-Inch Riding Lawn Mower

This riding lawn mower model is ideal for mowing lawns or hilly and grassy areas. It features the exclusive Shift on the Go Drive System that utilizes a 420cc Powermore Engine. The 7-speed gear gives you power in conquering any lawn tasks with its 42” blade that cuts a wider area. Selling at $1,434.05, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

7. Poulan Pro 960420165 PB185A42 Briggs 18.5 HP Pedal Control Auto Drive Cutting Deck Riding Mower

The 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine of this POULAN model is an ideal partner in your yard tasks. It has a 42” cutting deck and has a 16” turn radius. This gas-powered stable rider has 20” rear and 15” front tires. Dimensions are at 34.5” x 72.75” x 45” and weighs 500 lbs. This auto drive riding mower sells at $1,554.00 and backed by a 10-year belt warranty.

6. Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

The Troy-Bilt Zero-Turn Mower works quickly and more efficiently on slopes and hills than its rival models and uses the 25 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek Twin Cylinder Engine fitted with an additional oil filter. It has a dual hydro-static transmission that allows for optimal results. For more efficiency, it features a rear roller, four-deck gauge wheels and a floating front axle as well as a fuel gauge. Its cutting width is 54” and priced at $2,949.70.

5. Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor, 54-Inch

The 54-Inch cutting width of this Husqvarna hydro light garden tractor makes it perfect for cutting through hills and slopes. It has a gas-powered 26HP Kohler V-Twin engine and features a hydrostatic transmission with cruise control. Being compact in size makes it easy to maneuver and requires less space for storing. It has a fender-mounted cutting height adjustment and adjustable seat with a simple ergonomic steering wheel for steering convenience. It has good value at $2,399.95.

4. Husqvarna 967324301 26 hp Kohler 7000 V-Twin Zero Turn Mower, 54″

This model is equipped with Kohler 7000 26hp v-twin engine and fitted with a 54” reinforced stamped cutting deck. It has an electric clutch for trouble-free blade engagement and a dual hydro-gear EZT transmission. It has a cutting width of 54 inches with 4 high quality anti-scalp rollers. This worry-free and maintenance-free unit has innovative features combined to provide the best performance on its grassy target areas. Price tag starts from $3,199.99.

3. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower

The Husqvarna MZ61 has a 61” fabricated cutting deck and 27HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine with hydrostatic gear transmission. This gasoline powered mower features a 3-blade cutting system and a pedal-assisted cutting deck lift. The MZ61 zero-turn mower allows for productivity, comfort, and performance. It has a high back seat with armrests and adjustable ergonomic steering levers for more comfort. This sells at 5,306.53.

2. Swisher ZTR2766BS Response 27 HP

This Swisher has a 27HP Briggs & Stratton engine and a 66″ 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck. It has Hydro Gear 2800 transmission and features the Ogura clutch and foot-assisted deck lift. This riding mower provides a stable 360˚turn and easy to maneuver, having a low center of gravity feature. It is also armed with the new Rapid Response Control System that offers enhanced control and comfort. Price for this model starts at $5,581.00.

1. Swisher ZTR2760BS Response 27HP 60-Inch B&S ZTR Mower

This Swisher model features the rapid response control system that makes it comfortable to ride and easy to control. Tagged with a $5,499.00 price, it a great value for your money with its 27HP commercial turf Briggs and Stratton engine and a 60” cutting deck that uses 3 Gator mulching blades. It has 8mph forward and reverse action and a hydro gear 2800 transmission. This gas-powered unit sells at $5,499.00.

The features, performance levels, and the price tags of these lawn mowers, will help you decide which one is good for you. If you are in doubt, ask your neighbors, friends or co-workers to assist you in comparing several units. Or better yet, take time to study several products and test some of them to arrive at the best decision.