Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews Guide

Property owners are happy-go-lucky at times that they do not understand the value of spending cash on equipment that eases yard work. Powerful tools that cut off several hours of working are better than doing it by hand or using a rake that takes you until forever to finish up. In this line of chore, handheld blowers are very useful but a top rated backpack leaf blower is a better option.

There are low-pollution models that you can use for yard clearing purposes and come with a variety of engine cycles. Machines like these can move an enormous amount of leaves, packed and soaked materials, or lightly frozen substances. The most desirable tools are those with large carrying handles, translucent gas tank, highly accessible fuel spout, and those with a large ledge.

Here are some models you can try…

Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

10. Dolmar PB500R

The Dolmar is fitted with a top and a roll-cage handles and has a 48.6 cc engine. It is capable of emitting air 447 @ 171 mph and has a dry weight of 22.7 lbs. This $300 equipment has handles that are very convenient to use and can start it even the ignition is switched off. The machine is quite capable of delivering fair a performance with a 71 dBa @ 50 ft.

9. Echo PB 500

This air clearing equipment has a strong 50.8 cc engine, 70dBa @ 50 ft., and delivers air 450 @ 162 mph. This unit sells at $320 and has a dry weight of 21.8 lbs. It is easy to use and operates using simple steps before it starts blasting leaves off the ground. The gas tank is built with appropriate leg position in mind. It has a primer bulb placed strategically so you can easily see it and a flexible left control wand where you can find the throttle.

8. Husqvarna 350BT

The 50.2 cc Husqvarna 350BT delivers a powerful 494.4 @ 180 mph air at fair price of $300. With a dry weight of 22.5 lbs, it works on 71 dBa at 50 ft. While its upside-down purge bulb is somewhat a nuisance, it is among the most powerful residential models around. Though it moves a lot of air and comfortable to use, it produces less turbulence. It can scale stone walls, steep hills, and clears difficult areas which makes it perfect for every user.

7. Kawasaki KRB650B

The 45.4 cc engine of the Kawasaki KRB650B delivers 580 @ 164 mph air. Selling at $410, it is a good find for something that has 71 dBa at 50 ft. and lightweight at 19.1 lbs. This simple tool has no left wand and throttle is found on its pistol grip assembly on the blower’s tube. It has a rabbit and tortoise graphic and easy-to-find and easy to understand choke control. These features plus a forward-directed purge bulb makes it very easy to use though some users claim a stronger velocity can make it as effective as its rivals.

6. RedMax EBZ5100

The RedMax EBZ5100 has a 50.2 cc engine, a dBa of 71 at 50 ft., and generates 487 @171 mph air. Its name spells two words and those are: Comfort and simplicity. With a dry weight of 22.7 lbs, it provides convenience for our back and shoulders alongside its padded shoulder straps. It has easy-access and easy to locate gas tank that allows for easy fuel refills although its upside-down purge bulb is buried on the left side of the tool’s engine set between two plastic tubes. However, at $380, it is still a fair tool to own.

5. Makita BBX7600 CA

This backpack blower has a 75.6 cc engine and weighs 22.6 lbs. It maintains 720 @ 195 mph air flow and has a 74dBa at 50 ft. Pointing the nozzle straight down creates a sensation as if you are hovering 2 inches off the ground—that’s how powerful it is, as claimed by many. Machine is somewhat noisy but with a $450 tag price and a host of good features, it is a good buy.

4. Stihl BR600

This Stihl model has 64.8 cc for an engine, air flow of 712 @ 201 mph, and has a noise level of dBa 65 at 50 ft. At 21.6 lbs., it remains lightweight and convenient when strapped on the shoulders. This item, which sells at $490 is raved by many of its users and touted as an ultimate professional grade leaf clearing tool.

3. Solo 467 Commercial Grade Backpack Blower

This Solo unit is a 67 cc 2-stroke gas-fueled backpack blower that comes with a catalytic converter. This electronic ignition $542.99 features an anti-vibration system that works effectively in absorbing engine vibration with a 94 dBa noise level. This silent operator is known for having a running time of 2 hours maximum using a single fuel tank.

2. DEWALT DCBL590X2 40V Max Lithium Ion Backpack Blower

Sold at $699.00, this DEWALT unit has a brushless motor running on two 40V 7.5 AH batteries and uses a fully variable speed trigger built with a speed lock technology. It works best in noise-restricted areas using 63 dBa. It also has a secondary battery well where you can install additional batteries for extended runtime. This tool is capable of moving debris with its 450 CFM air volume @142 mph and able to withstand heavy-duty usage.

1. PB-770T ECHO 234 mph 765 CFM Gas Backpack Blower

This Echo leaf blower works quickly on yard clean-ups. It has several operator-friendly features such as comfortable handles fitted with cruise control, shoulder straps, and padded backrests. It has the industry’s best blend of air volume and speed and is very powerful.
It has a left control wand that adjusts the tool from left to right. However, you have to steer clear of dusty roads to prevent dirt from piercing your eyes. Wearing goggles is a must for this super-strength backpack blower that sells at $539.99.


It’s easy to say that you can purchase any tool for the purpose of blowing all unwanted materials out of the way. Nevertheless, selecting the best can be far from perfect if you are not good at looking at technical properties. Using the abovementioned unit examples can make you see the different features each of them have and from there, you can make a judgment.

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